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A list of music career possibilities anc choices is below to help with your job search in the music field. Find music careers by clicking on the music career of choice. If you're looking for ideas on specific music careers possibilities, try searching our comprehensive list of musician careers below.  Each Music Career listing is linked to our music jobs board so that you can search for open and available music employment opportunities. 

Our list makes it easy to search for music business careers you may not have even thought about searching for in the past.  Feel free to check back often and bookmark this page to search for future job openings in the music business.  Visit our Music Jobs BoardPost a Job, or search Music Employment Listings.

Working Musician Careers, Band Jobs, & Performing Artist Careers

  • Singer / Vocalist - Singers for bands, wedding bands, and events
  • Guitarist - Guitar players jobs and guitarist employment
  • Guitar Jobs - Guitar sales and guitar related employment in music equipment stores
  • Instrumentalist - Musicians needed for orchestras, symphonies, and on stage performances
  • Drummer - Drum player jobs and drum sales occupations
  • Keyboardist - Keyboard musicians employment in bands and for recording companies
  • Pianist - Piano players jobs and employment for symphonies, concerts, and other venues
  • Organist - Church organists and wedding organists for special occasions and regular employment
  • Accompanist - Various musician jobs for events and bands
  • Musician - Instrumentalist jobs for session work, bands, and music related projects
  • Choir Musician - Choir and chorus vocalists and singers for organizations and churches
  • Music Conductor - Orchestra and band conductors for schools and bands
  • Choral Conductor - Band and orchestra conductors for educational institutions and bands
  • Organ Player - Church organist and religious music jobs
  • Cantor - Church and Worship Organists
  • Church Organist - Church organ player jobs
  • Church Musician - Church singers, folk guitarists, and various church musician jobs
  • Orchestra - General orchestra musicians and conductors
  • Orchestra Musician - Various orchestra positions including violinists, cellists, and more
  • Cruise Music - Cruise ship entertainment and cruise musicians
  • Cruise Musician - Cruise ship band and musician jobs for those willing to travel
  • Wedding Music Jobs - Wedding Bands and wedding musicians for that special occasion
  • Opera - Opera singers and general opera employment
  • Clarinet / Flute / Trumpet / Sax / Violin / Cello - Various orchestra and symphony jobs

Road Crew Jobs, Roadie Jobs, Tour Jobs, Sound Technician, Lighting Techs, and Recording Employment

  • Music Manager - Management jobs within the music industry. Supervise and coordinate projects in the music business
  • Touring Manager - Manage band tours or musician gigs for traveling and touring acts
  • Sound Technician / Sound Tech / Theater Sound - Run PA sound for bands, events, and corporate meetings
  • Lighting Technician / Theater Lighting - Run professional lighting for events, bands, and corporate conferences
  • Stage Manager - Stage set up and overall management of an event stage for bands, events, and performances
  • Stage Technician - Stage set up positions for touring and regional performances
  • Stage Rigger - Work with complicated stage set ups and rigging for performances
  • Publicist - Artist, band, and act marketing and promotions.  Get publicity through a variety of mediums.
  • Tour Coordinator - Coordinate various touring responsibilities for artists, bands, and acts
  • Tour Promoter - Promote, market, and coordinate show activities for bands, performers, and events
  • Concert Promoter - Promote upcoming concerts for bands, musicians, comedians, and traveling performances
  • Concert Promotion - Marketing and promotion of upcoming concerts and events
  • Event Production - Produce an event for businesses in a variety of facets
  • Event Manager - Oversee, supervise, and coordinate staff and event responsibilities
  • Event Planner - Coordinate and run events for companies and corporations
  • Wedding Planner - Plan that special day for the bride and groom including weddings, receptions, and more
  • Tradeshow Planner - Coordinate tradeshow events in specific regions or areas
  • Rigger - Stage Rigging positions for concerts, performances, and acts
  • Event Technology - Technical sound and lighting jobs for events, musicians, bands, and conferences
  • Audio Engineer - Sound engineering jobs to ensure proper audio for events and concerts
  • Live Sound - Sound technicians to run PA sound systems for events and bands
  • Sound Design - Sound positions for events, conferences, and musicians
  • Sound Operator - Run sound for events, musicians, and bands
  • Lighting Designer - Develop lighting shows for large events and concerts
  • Lighting - Various lighting jobs for events
  • Pro Audio - Sound for events and corporate gatherings and could include recording jobs
  • Audio Mixer - Mix sound for music production, concerts, and events
  • Audio Tech - Technician jobs in audio, video, movies, and websites
  • Stage Hand - Stage help jobs including cleaning, talent coordination, and equipment maintenance
  • Tour Manager - Supervise various aspects of a tour including bands, back stage, riders, food services and more
  • Production Manager - Production supervision employment for stage and performances
  • Production Assistant - Assist production managers and technicians with activities coordination and staff
  • Wardrobe - Wardrobe and makeup for bands, acts, actors, actresses, and event performers


Music Publishing Jobs and Music Productions

  • Music Producer - Produce various aspects of music recordings and productions of sound
  • Recording Jobs - Record bands, musicians, and artists with professional equipment and a knowledgeable skill set
  • Mastering - Finishing post production for music projects, CD's, albums, and digital distribution
  • Music Engineering - Engineer sounds for bands, performers, and productions
  • Digital Audio Editor - Audio editing jobs for music projects, bands, TV, movies, and video
  • Programmer - Programing in recording using software like Pro Tools, Cubase, and others
  • Music Director - Direct music projects at schools, music companies, and recording studios
  • Songwriter - Write songs for bands, musicians, shows, and singer songwriters
  • Music Editor - Edit music for music projects, CD's, MP3's, and albums
  • Music Publisher - Publish music for corporations who sell recorded music
  • Music Publication - Publisher jobs in the music industry
  • Editor - Various editor employment in the music business and other industries
  • Journalist - Writers for entertainment newspapers, general news, magazines, and websites
  • Music Journalist - Writer jobs for music magazines and music websites
  • Composer - Compose music for scores and scripts in movies, TV, websites, video, and more
  • Sound Mixer - Mix sound in the music industry for recording studios and live sound projects
  • Indie Music Jobs - Variety of jobs within the indie music profession

Music Industry Jobs and Music Business Careers

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