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Media Web Source is dedicated to providing musicians and bands relevant information on band promotion, music industry articles, music jobs, entertainment jobs, how to get gigs, and more. 


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Visit our Jobs Board - We provide relevant music job listings, job statistics, and career descriptions so that you can easily research the jobs that you are most interested in pursing.

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Band Promotion Tips are needed by musicians and bands at all levels.  Social media and the internet have changed the game, but bands should review the basics to succeed.

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Resources For Bands - How To Copyright Music, Locate Music Schools, Songwriting Competitions, Recording Studio Listings, How To Start A Band, How to Write a Song, and more.

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Music Jobs and Music Industry Resources

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Media Web Source provides music industry resources for bands, music jobs listings, and band promotion tips.  Music business resources can help indie bands, garage bands, local bands, musicians, and songwriters get to where they want to be with their music career.  Locate band promotion tips, band resources, music industry articles, music jobs, band press kit tips, recording studios, and CD DVD duplication listings to help your music career. We provide music industry articles for the do it yourself (DIY) band or music promoter. 

Music industry resources include how to get gigs, how to sell your band CD, digital distribution ideas, music careers, online music distribution (OMG), and band promotion tactics.  Our valuable website includes music industry resources for bands to promote gigs, create a band press kit, locate college gigs, and how to sell music online. Locate valuable information on a variety of music business jobs, touring jobs, and entertainment employment.

Our interactive music and entertainment jobs board makes it easy to locate music employment opportunities.  As a musician or music fan you now have the tools to research and find music related jobs with our website. We have also added even more band promotion information including social media band promotion tactics and gig finders.  Bands, solo artists, and band managers can use our site for cost effective music promotion and musician resources.

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