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How To Deal With Stage Fright


Stage Presence | How To Deal With Stage Fright


Page updated 3/1/2016


It is important to look professional when you are on stage performing.  It is great to have an energetic and appealing presence when up on stage in front of the crowd.  The crowd and fans can feed off of positive energy as well.  There are many ways to involve the crowd at your shows.  If you’re playing a popular cover song, try to get the crowd to sing along with the band.  Moving around on stage also helps rather than staying still and looking nervous.  Watch concert DVD’s of your favorite artists and mimic how they get fan base involvement. 

While you are most likely playing a smaller venue, it can help to get tips from watching the pros perform.  It is also helpful if your singer or front man can get the crowd involved with sing a long parts, hand waves, and comments in between songs that may help introduce certain songs to the audience.  Depending on the audience you may want to watch the cursing on stage as well.  Be cognizant of who is in the crowd and know your audience. 

How To Deal With and Overcome Stage Fright

Stage Fright is a very common occurrence for many musicians and live performers.  Stage fright typically refers to nervousness before or during a live performance. The symptoms are typically nervousness, sweating, sweaty palms, or panic type feelings. You may feel as if you might pass out or vomit as well. These feelings typically result from the worry or anticipation before a gig or show. It is not always easy to perform in front of large groups of people.  There are many things that can go wrong on stage, but it’s best to relax and make sure you are well rehearsed before each gig.  The more comfortable you are with the material the better off you will be on stage. 

If you feel nervous before a show, avoid coffee, caffeine, or alcohol.  Many sodas can included caffeine so you may want to limit your intake of soda as well.  Drink alot of water as well and stay hydrated.  There are a number of natural foods that may give you a calming feeling as well.  Some of those foods or drinks could include orange juice, blueberries, almonds, peanut butter, whole grains, pasta or foods with natural carbohydrates.  Meditation can help as well to calm your nerves before a gig or show.   Fifteen or Twenty minutes of meditation can help you to relax and not to overthink your upcoming performance. 

Take deep breathes before the show if you start to get nervous.  Of course, if you are concerned please consult a physician.  Once you are a few songs into a set your nerves should subside a bit.  After a while you should feel like you are in the zone once things are moving along.  The zone is what musicians refer to when they’re on stage and the music sort of takes over the feel and vibe of the show.  It’s similar to when sports stars have a great game and they lose themselves in the moment.  They block everything else out and enjoy the game and or gig.


Maintain Your Composure On Stage - Every show is not going to be perfect and one of your band mates may make a mistake from time to time.  It is important to maintain composure on stage.  Fighting or yelling at each other on stage looks completely unprofessional.  If you have a problem with another musician, address it after the show.  Smile and move on, especially if mistakes occurs.  Many times you as a musician you are more critical than the crowd.  The fans in the audience may not even realize that a mistake happened at all, especially if it is an original song.  Also, it is best not to look at the musician that makes the mistake during a gig when the mistake occurs.  The fans will notice if you start to notice, so play it cool.