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Page updated 3/1/2016


Has your band recorded a CD?  Do you know how to get your music for sale online at major distributors?  Have you ever wanted to know how to get your MP3's for sales on Apple ITunes or Amazon?  Are you an unsigned Independent Artist or Band with a CD that you have recorded and is sitting in your basement.  Here are some options on how to sell your music on the internet in CD format and digital download mp3 format.  Keep in mind most of these companies charge fees for their services.  We have given a number of options below so that you can shop around and find the best deal that fits your budget.  We are going to start with our most highly recommended site and work our way to some others listed below.

There are a number of sites out there that will sell your CD online or sell your music via digital download distribution.  The one we like the most is CD Baby.  We have tried CD Baby ourselves and found them to be very customer friendly, inexpensive, and professional.  Not only will they set up a webpage to sell your CD online, they will sell your music in MP3 format as a digital download on the same page.  Also, they will send your music to some of the major digital music stores like Apple ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Napster.  If your CD is approved by CD Baby ,they will send your music digitally and properly formatted to many major online music retailers.  Here are the basics you need to know to get started selling your band CD online.

CD Baby

How to sell your CD at CD Baby?  Your band CD does not have to be shrink wrapped  It can be a home made CD-R and must have a CD insert with cover art that looks good.  Send them 5 CD's and fill out their submission form.  Keep in mind setting up everything on the online submission form does take some time.  This is where you give them your copyright details, whether you would like digital distribution, sync rights (movie and TV placement options), promotional tracks (offer a track for free), and set the prices of your CD and MP3 Download.  Also, once they get your CD's you must confirm the submission and listen to all your songs to be sure they converted properly.  They will send you an email to confirm.  CD Baby also offers music licensing opportunities as well. 

Benefits - Artists keeps a percentage of Digital Distribution profit.  CD baby only takes a certain dollar amount / CD or MP3 sold.  Artist sets the price of CD and MP3 downloads of your whole album on the CD baby site.

Digital Distribution of your Band's CD - Independent Artist Digital MP3 Distribution - Unsigned artists need easy ways to get your music out there for sale.  Especially in todays digital iPod age, there are many reasons your CD should be available in digital download form.  CD baby takes a lot of the leg work out of this process.  They encode your tracks with ISRC codes (needed for digital distribution) and send your music to Apple ITunes, Napster, Rhapsody etc. for Digital Distribution.  One note, you must have a bar code for your CD to use the digital distribution service from CD Baby.  They sell them for a nominal fee (At the time of writing this article 6/6/08 it was $20). CD Baby will send digital MP3 files of your CD to some of the major digital distribution retailers like Apple I tunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and many more.  Also, check out a list of the companies that your music could be sent to for digital distribution of your band's CD.  List of CD baby Digital Distribution Companies

Fee To Submit CD - Basically there is only a one time fee per CD for setup.  This includes sale of your CD on and warehousing of CD's.  You will also need a barcode for your CD for digital distribution if you don't have one already.  They will give you a specific UPC barcode for your CD for a small fee.  All digital music stores require a barcode. It doesn't have to be in your artwork either.  Use a sticker or just buy it for digital distribution.  So for a one time fee / CD and a small charge for UPC Code you can get your band CD sold online and sent to Online Music Outlets for digital sales.  Please visit CD baby for prices.


Music Store Widget, Sell Music on Facebook, and Sell your Music Online to Your Fans on Your Band Website - Add a similar widget as shown below on your band website or wherever you can embed the code.  The sample widget below actually includes two of my albums available for sale as an example.  The sample song links below are of my band and solo CD.  As you can see, your website visitors can buy individual songs or the full album.  Click the link below to go to the band page to view artist info, listen to a 2 min sample of each tune, review the album, check out the MP3 sales, or Buy the CD if you like what you hear. Also, Sell your music on Facebook with their CDBaby Music Store for Facebook.  Add a music player and music store to your Facebook Band page.


How They Pay You?  The Artist is paid once a week if they have sales.  You can adjust the amounts of payment in you account.

Non Exclusive - They do not own the rights to your music only distribute it.

Fast Service - CD Baby had our CD page up within days after receiving our CD.  They had sent out our MP3 to 10 digital distribution companies within days as well.  Some of these companies included Apple ITunes, Tradebit, and Amazon.  I can tell you that it does take a few weeks and / or months to get your music listed on some of these companies once CD Baby submits your music.  Our CD turned up on ITunes in less than a month, and Amazon in approximately 2 months.  So this gives you and idea of how long it may take to get your MP3 Downloads selling at the major online digital outlets.  CD Baby is a great resource for independent musicians to actually get there music out in the marketplace for sale to the public.  

Tip - Once you have your CD baby web page created why not link it to your Facebook band page, twitter page, MySpace band page or band website.  They now have services available to add a Facebook Music Store to you Facebook pages.  This will send traffic to hopefully sell your CD. 

If you are not sold on CD Baby, here are some other online websites that can help you get your music Distributed Digitally.  More Digital Distribution Companies.

More Online Music Distribution Sites

Please research these sites below well, as we have not tried all these services.  Fees could be involved. 


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