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Get Your Band Out Of The Garage And Into A Gig

Page updated 3/1/2016

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So you have a garage band and do not know the next step to start performing for an audience. Perhaps you are the parent or friend of a band member and feel the band is ready to play some gigs. It may be possible that you may just be sick of all the noise coming from the basement.  This is where your son or daughters band practices night and day. It is not easy to get out of the garage, but with a little hard work, your band can get moving and start performing gigs. When your band finally has some songs together and are playing well, now it's time to take the next step. Get the band out of the garage and in to a gig. Of course, your band will not make much money at first, but with a well rehearsed act and some leg work, your project can get off the ground. In the following article I will explain a few tips your band or band manager may need to get your band some gigs or shows.

The first step for the band is to put together a quality press kit. A press kit for a start up band is usually comprised of a cover page, artist bio (introduction of the band), band pictures, song list, equipment list, contact and booking information, and a band demo CD. Once your band becomes more established start introducing newspaper clippings, band reviews, and business cards to the package as well.  Computers make this a fairly simple task these days using any word processor.  A word processor should get the job done for a start up band press package. Most or all of your press packet design can be done in house and save you a lot of money. If you plan on sending quite a few press packages to clubs or venues, visit your local copy store and have some color copies made.  It's a good idea to make sure your envelope stands out so that a venue booking the band will want to open your band press package. Try using a colored envelope or stickers of some sort on the envelope so that a band booker will notice your press kit.

One of the most difficult things for a start up band with little or no money to achieve is recording their demo CD or tape. This does not have to be an expensive venture. When you are starting out try renting a 4 track tape recorder or maybe and 8 track recorder with a CD burner. Most music stores will rent this type of equipment at a reasonable cost. Record 3 or 4 of your best songs or cover tunes. This should give you sufficient quality for most local venues when you are starting out. Once your band is more established, you may want to purchase a portable multi track recorder or book some studio time. It may be just as cost effective to purchase a multi track digital recorder and learn the ropes yourself rather than recording at a local studio.

Most studios charge an hourly rate, so look around for the best price.  There are also many computer programs that bands can use to record their demos.  Some examples of computer recording software are Pro Tools, Cubase and other Recording Software programs. You will need a Computer Recording Interface to move the sound from your instruments to record on the computer.  Many professional recording software for sale has bundle packages that give you everything that you may need in one package.  Here are some bundle recording packages that may work for your band.  Please research through the links below and make sure that the USB recording interface is included in the bundle package.   

Once you have a quality band demo CD and press kit it is time to start promoting your band. See part II of our article Get your band out of the garage and into a gig:  Part II Band Promotion.  For more information on press kit and demo tips, band resources, and band promotion visit our website. This site is a valuable resource for start up and established bands everywhere.


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