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Page updated 3/1/2016


The Band Press Kit or music press kit as some call it are an integral part of any musicians band or a music career.  Sometimes band press kits are referred to as media kits or an artist bio.  Band press kits are used for music promotion, gig promotion, music publicity, booking agent promotion, and band promotion.  We will attempt to show you how to create a successful band press kit for band promotion. Below you will also find sample press kit information. 

Basically, you would send or present a band press kit and demo to a venue if you want to secure a gig for your band.  Press kits are also given to booking agents.  Booking agents will book your band based on a negotiated percentage that the booking agent would attain per gig.  Typically they would take a copy of your press kit and demo and then decide if they want to book your indie band. If you would like to see a Band Press Kit Sample Outline try this are of our site.

Listed below are a few ideas to help get your local band, garage band, solo career, or songwriter career off the ground.   If you are a local band or garage band try targeting clubs that book your genre of music.  Check out your local music newspapers to see what genre of music are played in certain clubs.  Submit your band press kit to these venues or clubs that fit your music genre.  Songwriters or indie music acts should also send their press kits to record companies, producers, or music publishers that accept solicited submissions of their type of music. 

The band press kit ideas below will help you to secure a gig, submit a demo, or move your talented garage band out of the garage and into a gig.  We will also link you to music press kit articles and press kit books below.  The Songwriter's Market books are great resources for musicians in need of promoting their music as well. We also describe the online electonic press kit (EPK) below as well. EPK's are also very popular as more online booking is occuring with the internet today.

How To Create A Successful Band Press Kit - Physical Press Kit

  • Band Press Kit Cover - The cover of your press kit should introduce your indie band and tell the venue or booking agent what type of music that your band plays.  It should display your band logo in and eye catching manner.   Always add your band contact information whenever possible to your press kit.  Include your contact name, band name, phone number, address, E-mail address, website URL, and any other contact info necessary.
  • Band Bio Page - Introduce your band or indie music act and tell them your genre of music, names of the members, specific info about your band or style of music, how many people in the band, name some quality clubs that you have played, and what areas or cities do you perform.  Does your band have a sound guy for live performances or will the venue need to provide one?  Does your band have lights or a light show?  Do you have someone that runs lights and sounds in your entourage.  Highlight this information and any key characteristics about your act.  Include your fan base, (Do you have one).   Are you a Tribute band, Original band, or Acoustic act?  Remember in most cases for your band to make future money or get another gig at a club, you must bring in people to see the gig or show.  So if you don't have a fan base, reflect upon how you will promote the show on your website, social media, or by sending flyers to the venue.  If you just want to get your bands foot in the door, the best bet is to try open mic nights and leave your press kit for the owner for possible future gigs.
  • Band Photo -  If you are serious about your band, you'll want to get some professional 8x10's taken of your band.  The better the picture quality, the more seriously someone important may look into booking your band.   If you can not afford professional band photos, blow up some of your best band photos to 8x10.  Smaller individual shots of band members could be displayed as well with a description of the photo.  Use your imagination.  You may even want to include your best picture on your press kit cover. 
  • Equipment Page - If you did not cover equipment in your artist bio above, this is the place to do it.  List the types of equipment your band will bring to the venue.  Include brand names, wattage of amps, whether you have a PA system, Microphones, etc.  If you do not own a PA or sound system, target clubs that have there own PA.   Please be aware that you may need someone to run the PA, if the club does not have in house sound technicians.  Find out what the venue charges for their sound guy or sound tech, and whether you can bring your own person to run sound.  Does your band have lights and someone to run them too?  All of this info should be included in an equipment page of your band press kit.
  • Booking Information - It is best to have a page with contact or band member names, phone, web address, social media page URL, fax, and e-mail address so the venue can find the information quickly.  It is best to have booking Info listed all through your band press package.  Also, include booking info on your indie bands demo CD's, tapes, or flash drives that you send with your kit.  I don't recommend flash drives for bars, but more for song submission to record companies, music sync. co.'s that ask for them.
  • Demo CD, Tape, or Flash Drive - A venue or club will want to hear the bands music that they are booking in the future.  Create a Band Demo CD or tape with no more than 3 of your best songs.   Use your best material.  Place a label on your CD with your song titles and all your band booking information.  This is in case the club owner or booking agent would lose your press kit and only had your CD in their possession.  Then the person would still be able to contact you.  It is best to make your CD or demo look and sound as professional as possible.  This will get the venue's attention.  This should entice the band booker to listen to your indie band material and possibly book your act.
  • Song List - Place a list of some of the material your rock band performs in your band press kit.  Include a list of your best cover songs, original music, and any other material you may want to add to the kit. 
  • Gig Sheet - Include a gig sheet of where you have played or where your band will be gigging in the future.  This helps the booker of the venue to see that your band is a working band and have played reputable clubs or venues in the past. 
  • Newspaper Clippings (Copies) and CD Reviews - Obviously if your local band is just starting out, you will not have clippings just yet.  Once you have played some gigs, why not contact your local municipal paper, college paper, city paper, etc., and see if they would cover one of your shows.  You would be surprised at the response you can get, especially from local municipal or school newspapers.  Include any copies of newspaper clippings in your band press kit.  It is more professional to scan the band clipping or find it online and attach the file to your word document. This process shows credibility and that your an established act.
  • Band Business Cards - Include your indie band business card in your press kit.  If you do not have any band business cards you can get them made at many copy stores.   Programs like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect are great for making band business cards.   Most computer word processors include business card templates.  They can be made fairly easy with a printer and business card paper.  Always give your business card out at shows for potential band promotional opportunities.  Someone in the crowd may have significant contacts and may book your band in the future. Include Band Name, Contact Name, Phone, Website URL, E-mail address, and any eye catching fonts or graphics on all of your band business cards.
  • Press Kit Envelope - Even your envelope including your band press kit should catch the club owner or booking agents eye.  Try using a loud color or placing stickers on your envelope.  This may catch a booking agents eye.  Your indie band may want to be more conservative with submissions to record companies, but be inventive and get them to open your press kit and listen to your indie band demos.


Electronic Press Kits for Bands - EPK

In todays digital and online world you not only need a physical press kit but also and electronic press kit (EPK) as well.  An EPK can be separate from your band website or an enhancement to your current site. All of this depends on preference and it should still include many of the items listed above. Listed below are several companies that offer EPK for bands.  Please be aware that some of these EPK services may be fee based.  An electronic press kit can be a great resource for venue booking agents, talent buyers, club owners, and any other companies that may want to book your band.  The EPK should give them all the information that they would need about your band and the ability of the band to play the venue that they support.  Many of the websites below have sample EPK websites to view as well.  View as many samples as you can to see if the service is right for your band.  

Useful Music Promotion and Band Website Info

  • Post Your Shows To Free Concert Calendars - Feel free to visit our Concert Calendar and Post Your Band's Shows, Gigs, Tours, or Concerts to our site for free. 
  • Website Templates for Bands - They are fairly simple to use and the website design themes are great for start up and established bands alike. Some DIY web templates are available from I3d Themes (see links below).  If you website savvy these templates are professional looking and have great video instructions.  I3D has great customer service for any questions on their templates.  We use I3D for all of our websites including this one.  You will need to have knowledge of Microsoft Expression Web or Dreamweaver to utilize these website templates.  You would also need to purchase server space. Try this link for server affordable space: Host your Web site with IPOWER!

Web Templates for FrontPage 2003, Expression Web, and Dreamweaver

  • Need Affordable Server Space - Host your Band Website or Online Press Kit On I Power.  They are one of the most affordable Hosting Companies around with great customer service and web creation tools.  Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from some of the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.


Press Kit Articles

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