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Page updated 3/1/2016


Music Promotion for bands has changed in the past decade due to the fact that the internet has become such a large promotional outlet for bands and artists.   Although the internet and social media has changed the process a bit, there are still items that are valuable to bands for music promotion that are not internet or social media related.   The music promotion items below are a comprehensive list of important things that your band can accomplish with a limited budget.

Let's face it, when a your band is starting out you may not have a lot of money for music promotion.  Music equipment is expensive enough, so music promotion is often an after thought.  Once your band has direction and knows that playing live gigs, promoting CD's / MP3's, and touring different regions is in your blood, it's now time to really work the promotion side of the business and start playing live shows.

Gaining a fan base is extremely important in order to get booked again at a venue.  Gain fans for new and future shows and keep them coming to your gigs and buying your music.   The following list includes simple promotion tips for musicians and bands to gain exposure and a great fan base.

Music Promotion Tips

Social Media Promotion For Bands

  • Social Media Band Promotion has become extremely important in the modern music age
  • Create a Facebook Band Page or a Facebook Business Page for your Band
    • Every time you post show info, CD info, and music news it will show up on the pages of those who have liked this page
    • Have all your Facebook friends Like this Band Page
    • Invite fans to like your page over the microphone at intermissions of shows (Remember many fans have smartphones in the audience and if you announce it and tell them to like it, they may even like the page at your show).
    • Tell all your family and friends to like the Band Page as well
  • Create an individual Facebook invite to all of your shows and invite all your personal Facebook friends to gigs as well
  • Post all show dates, band news, music news, CD / MP3 news on your Band Twitter page as well
    • Facebook has a setting where if you post on Facebook, it will post the exact same info on Twitter as well.  Research this on Facebook Settings.  This can save you some time. 
  • Try looking up local venues on Facebook and like their pages. 
    • Message these venues through Facebook and ask for a show.  Be sure to send them links to your online website, YouTube performances, and or your Facebook page link.
  • Post often to keep your fans interested in your band. 
    • Posts don't always have to be about your band
    • Ask questions of your fans and try to get them engaged on your Facebook band page or twitter page
    • Keeping your fans engaged and interested in your band is very important
    • Keep fans informed regarding merchandise sales that are going on.  That could increase sales of band T shirts, merchandise, CD's, MP3's, and other band merchandise items
  • Oneload - Video distribution streamlining service that lets you upload your videos and it will distribute them to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many more.
  • Crowdfunding - Fans donate money to help a band with a new music project

Press Kit and Demo CD

  • Create a Band Press Kit for your Band
  • See our Sample Press Kit Outline for reference
  • Create a Band Demo and MP3 for your band
  • Even though it's the internet age, sometimes a face to face meeting with a bar or pub booking agent can go a long way.   Find out when the club booker is working and hand deliver your press kit and demo cd. 
  • Send you press kit to local venues that cater to your bands genre of music.  Target those that you are unable to get into contact with online.
  • Send your press kit, demo, and contact information to local booking agent companies or entertainment bureaus.  
    • A phone call may be advisable to make sure they book your type of act. 
    • Remember, booking agents take a percentage of the fee you would get from the venue
    • Typically booking agent fees are between 5% to 20%.  It just depends on the booking agency.
  • Create an online press kit using your band website


Gig and Show Promotion

  • Visit our How To Get Gigs page
  • Create Flyers for band shows and post them at the venue.  Ask venues for permission first.
  • Gig Flyers don't always have to be expensive, create them on your word processor.
    • Another cool service to help in this respect is  They have some free products (you pay shipping) including 4x6 postcards and business cards.  The free product has their advertisement on the back and we don't know how long they will offer this free product as well.  If you don't want their ad on the back of the postcard you can upgrade to a paid product.
    • Post your gig flyers on free bulletin boards at music stores, used CD stores, music equipment shops, and music lesson shops.  Of course gain permission if necessary at these stores. 
    • Ask local music stores and local shops to give out your flyer at their counters.  Any chance for gig promotion is good for a gig.
  • Create a Band Press Kit for those venues that may not check their email regularly.  Even though it is the internet age, many band bookers at venues may not be as connected online as you would think. 
  • Email Venue Booking Agents at Bars, Clubs, and Concert areas in your region that play your band's genre of music.
    • Locate email addresses through the venue website or call the venue to gain the proper contact email or phone number. 
    • A personal phone call can go a long way with booking your band as well. 
    • Keep music promotion emails short in nature and get straight to the point.  Picture yourself as you open an email from someone that has many paragraphs of material.  You are not going to read through all that info unless you're board.  Band bookers are very busy, get to the point in a few sentences and give them links to your band websites, band demos, YouTube live performances, or your Facebook / Twitter band page
  • Enter Battle of the Bands Competitions
    • Many of these competitions can give your band local exposure, networking opportunities with other bands, and a possible future fan base. 
  • Offer to open for more established bands in your area.  Play the show for free to gain exposure
    • Visit shows of other bands and ask them for opening opportunities
    • Email other bands and ask to open
    • Post to other bands Facebook pages / Twitter pages and ask to open. 
    • Give these bands a link to your website / YouTube performances
  • Post Upcoming Gigs to Free Concert Calendars
    • Use information that describes your band, show, show ticket prices, venue, and directions
    • Link to your band site and the venue website
    • Be professional in your postings. Avoid misspellings, meaningless punctuation, and obscenities
    • Avoid over use of adjectives describing your band or act
    • Describe your band and the gig. 
    • Avoid comparing to other bands or bashing other bands
    • If your show gets cancelled or moved, email the website to let them know
  • Attend open mic nights and have your band play a few songs.  This may later get you a gig at the venue
  • Offer to play at City or County events for free to gain exposure and a fan base for your band
    • Locate county or city music venues and contact their booking agent to ask for the business
    • These local public event facilities may even have Facebook pages.  Search for them on Facebook
  • Festivals, Town Fairs, Regatta's, and other summer concert outdoor venues need bands on a seasonal basis.   Locate them online and ask for a gig. Visit our Festival Page for details on festival gigs.
  • Get your band playing on the college circuit
  • Get your music on internet radio
  • Have you asked local businesses to sponsor your band?  Approach local business to sponsor you band.  They also may be able to help you advertise gigs where they would like to promote their products as well.
  • Once you get the gig - email your show date info to local music newspapers, and music sections of your larger newspapers to get the gigs posted.  They will typically post them for free
    • Post all shows to online concert calendars. 
  • Email and marketing campaigns to fans - MailChimp is a nice service to help bands manage gig and product email campaigns to fans.  Fees may apply for larger campaigns. 
  • Don't miss an opportunity to promote a show.


Band Websites

  • Create a Band Website
  • Even with social media, it's still important to have a separate band website
  • Add you site URL address to all promotional materials including press kits, demo cd's, demo MP3's, band business cards, and flyers used to promote your gigs
  • Any time you add show or band news on your social media posts, link to your band website
    • Link to the particular page you are referring to on your post
  • Include a band bio, demo page, online press kit, Live performance (YouTube performance page), show date page, band news page, music equipment page, merchandise page, and any other relevant pages necessary

Get Fans To Your Band Website

  • Visit our Get Hits on Your Band Website Page for more detailed information
  • Properly keyword your site with relevant info about your band
  • Create Metatags for Title, Description, and Keywords
  • Pick a relevant URL address using your band name
  • .COM names are most recognized, but if necessary use .NET or .ORG names
  • Research website names through a hosting provider.   Host your Web site with IPOWER!
  • Try not to overuse keywords
  • Use similar keywords in the body of your page as you would have in your metatags
  • Link your band website to you Facebook Band Page, Twitter, and Linked In pages
  • In any emails to fans provide your website address and Facebook Band Page address
  • Submit your band website to many search engines.  Search Google for the keywords Submit a Site and submit to many different search engines. 
  • Find a good Search Engine Optimization book to get more hits on your site. SEO Book Titles
  • Visit music promotion blogs and websites to get tips from other musicians in the industry
  • Find a professional website template. We use i3d below for our web templates.  See link below.

Web Templates for FrontPage 2003, Expression Web, and Dreamweaver