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Page updated 3/1/2016

Music News -  Our Music News page provides music news, Indie news, CD reviews, book reviews, music articles, press releases and more.  Check out the most recent updates to our site and latest music news. Check out our Press Release & Music Articles webpage for up to date information on our site.


5-1-13 - 2013 New Hard Rock & Metal Album Releases and CD Releases include the following:

  1. Red - Release The Panic  

  2. Device - Device - David Draiman from Disturbed's Side Project

  3. Sevendust - Black Out The Sun

  4. Megadeth - Super Collider

  5. Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

  6. Red Line Chemistry - Tug of War

  7. Black Sabbath - 13 [Deluxe Edition]

  8. Soundgarden - King Animal

  9. Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

  10. Drowning Pool - Resilience

  11. Filter - The Sun Comes Out Tonight

  12. Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent (Special Edition CD+DVD)

  13. Skillet - Rise

  14. Philip Anselmo - Walk Through Exits Only

  15. Pop Evil - Onyx

  16. Andrew Stockdale - Keep Moving - Wolfmother lead singer and guitarist, solo effort

  17. Mad Season - Above (Deluxe Edition)

  18. Big Wreck - Albatross

  19. Dark New Day - Hail Mary

  20. Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum

More possible 2013 new releases may include Pearl Jam, Fight or Flight (Dan & Mike from Disturbed's side project), Avenged Sevenfold, and Alter Bridge is recording. 

5-19-13 - The Stone Temple Pilots announced they have a new singer.  Chester Bennington from the band Linkin Park has now joined the band, and maintains that he still is a part of Linkin Park as well.  STP has recorded a new track named "Out of Time" as well.   They made a surprise appearance recently at the Los Angeles KROQ’s annual Weenie Roast with the new line up.  STP also played a Music Cares benefit concert recently with Slash and Duff (formerly from Guns N Roses). 


The Media Web Source website has been updated.  The changes should make our site easier to navigate. 


Social Media Band Promotion - Techniques to help promote your band for free on Facebook, twitter, and more.


 How To Sell Your Band's CD Online - Find companies that will sell your band's CD's and send them do digital distribution outlets like Apple I Tunes, Napster, Rhapsody etc. These companies cater to independent artists and unsigned bands. 


 New Band Promotion, A&R, and Band Management Pages now available.


Band Press Kit Sample Outline - Get ideas on how to construct your band press kit.


Get Hits on Your Bands Website and Submit Your Site to Search Engines.  Check out our new page that will help your band with website hits and search engine optimization.

Tribute Band Resource - Check out our NEW Tribute Band Resource page.  Submit your Free Tribute Band Link, read tribute band articles, and find tribute bands from all genres. 

Gig Checklist - Preparing a Checklist for your bands next gig or show.  It's a good idea to prepare a checklist for upcoming shows so as not to forget any important music equipment or promotional press kits that you may need for a gig.  Check out our mock Gig Checklist by clicking the link above.

Self Promoting a Gig or Show for your Band.  Check out our new article on cheap yet effective self promotion of upcoming gigs.  No doubt these simple tactics will get fans in the seats of future shows of your band. 

Full Sail - Real World Education- Recording and Mixing. Live Sound. Careers.  We received an ad recently and thought it would be of interest to many indie musicians  or local bands in general.  Basically there is a College in Winter Park Florida named Full Sail and they offer accredited college courses on Recording Arts, Show Production & Touring, Film, Game Design, and the Entertainment Business in general.    I wish I had known about schools of this nature when I was looking for colleges.  Seems pretty interesting. Check out the link to their site above.

Guitar Resource Website - New Guitar Resources by Media Web Source offers guitar resources including free tablature websites, vintage guitar dating and serial number web pages, guitar setup tips, pickup wiring diagrams and manufacturers, amplifier manufacturers and amp dating resources,  guitar playing tips, and music equipment.  Check our new site Guitar Resources.

Article: 3 Part Series: Get Your Garage Band Out of the Garage and Into a Gig
Get Your Garage Band Out of the Garage and Into a Gig.  Check out our 3 Part Series. Part I includes topics such as press kits and demos. Part II deals with basic indie band promotion.  Part III gives information on indie band websites, booking agents, managers, and sound technicians.  Find out where to send your indie demos and press kits, how to build and affordable website, or if your local band needs a sound technician and more.

Book Review - The Indie Bible - We have just reviewed 6th edition of the Indie Bible.   This in depth music resource book contains valuable information for indie musicians in search of outlets for their music.  The Indie Bible contains over 4000 music industry resources for bands to submit their CD for review, and over 3000 radio stations that may give your indie music some much needed airplay.  Each resource listing includes specific information including genre of music the company prefers, or services provided by the resource.   Contained within are numerous music resources for bands including sites that will upload MP3's, and music resources that give much needed indie music advice.  The text not only has North American indie music resources, but also lists resources from other countries including Europe and Australia.  The Indie Bible covers legal aspects like copyright, royalty, and trademark information that indie musicians need to know.  The most interesting information this book provides is to the songwriter or artist.  This book is written from the musicians perspective and has the tools to help you take charge of your own music promotion, press kits, web site basics, and most importantly your music career.  We found the Indie Bible 6th Edition to be a wealth of information and a must have for indie musicians of all genres.  To find out more information or to buy the Indie Bible  Edition just click here.

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster, some famous guitarists played a for charity event in England.  The concert in Wembley Stadium featured Ron Wood (Rolling Stones),  Joe Walsh (of The Eagles), and Brian May (of Queen).  The highlight of the evening was when David Gilmour of Pink Floyd stepped on stage with his Fender Serial number 001 Strat.  David Gilmour owns the first Fender Stratocaster ever made.  Pretty great to see the first ever fender strat made, actually played 50 years later.  Check out the music article.

Well, Eddie Van Halen is at it again.  He has joined up with Charvel and developed some new guitars.  Well, new ones with an old school flavor.   If your a Van Halen fan like me, your remember all his red, white, and black striped guitars on Van Halen I, or his black and yellow striped one on Van Halen II and thereafter.  Eddie is now auctioning a number his new Art Series Charvel's on eBay.  A limited number are autographed and hand striped by Eddie himself on will be auctioned on eBay.   Also, in the near future, the retail versions of these guitars should be available in your local music stores.   Visit Charvel to see pics.

Just added to our site.  Find Recording Studios in your region.  Have your been looking for recording studios in your state.  Well here's a listing by state.  Just click the state of interest and link to all recording studio listings in your area.

Just added to out site find CD, DVD, and Video Duplication firms by State in the USA.  Just click this link to find Duplication stores in your area.