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How To Use Octave Pedals


What are Octave Effects are Used for in Music - Octave Up and Octave Down



What is an Octave Pedal?  How Does an Octave Effect Sound? 

How To Use Octave Pedals | Octave Pedals

An Octave Pedal takes the sound of your guitar and adds a pitch that's an octave lower (Octave Down) or an Octave Higher (Octave Up) and blends the notes to give you a changed pitched sound.  Octave Pedals are also considered pitch shifters or pitch shifting type devices because they affect the pitch of the sound to blend an octave.  **Some pedals don't have both Octave Up and Octave Down functions so research your Octave pedals well before you purchase one. In fact most are Octave Down. 

How To Use and Octave Pedal? 

How to Hook Up an Effects Pedal.  When a song calls for a Octave or Octaver effect you will tap the stomp box to engage the octave effect.  Hit the pedal again to disengage the Effect.  For example, If you would like a Octaver Effect on your guitar solo only.  Hit the pedal right as the solo starts and then tap it again with your foot to stop the Octave effect at the end of the solo.

Octave Pedals, Octave Stomp Boxes, and Buyers Guide

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