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How To Use Compressor Guitar Effects Pedals | Sustainer Pedals

Page Update 4/4/2015

What is a Compressor Pedal? How to Use a Compressor Pedal?

A Compression Pedal is closely related to a volume pedal.  It tends to smooth out the signal going to an amplifier.  A compressor effect pedal lessens the output signal when an input signal gets in the red or a little to loud.  Especially helpful when recording guitar solos and a notes signal tends to get our of a normal range.

What is Sustain? What's a Sustainer Pedal?  How To Use a Sustainer Pedal? 

Typically, some sustainer functions are built into compressor pedals.  A Sustainer Pedal holds a note of music for a longer time.  It lengthens or extends a note that you may play on your guitar for a period of time that you specify.  To use a Sustainer Pedal you would hold and depress the pedal when you want to hold or extend a note on the guitar. It's a cool function when you are on stage and may need that extra push in a certain part of a song or guitar solo. 

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