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Page updated 3/1/2016


Have you ever forgotten an integral piece of music gear once you arrived at a gig?  Panic sets in and you have to come up with an alternate plan really quickly.  It's a good idea to prepare a gig checklist or show checklist to remember everything your band will need for an upcoming show.  Your band would not want to forget any equipment, especially if your show is miles away from home.  Below is an example of a Gig Checklist that you may find useful for upcoming gigs for your band. This is a mock gig checklist for upcoming gigs for your band.  Feel free to copy it to your word processor and use it or something similar for your gigs. 

Your band checklist may include more items, so we have left some blanks for any other special items you may need to add.  We included business cards and press kits so that your band never misses an opportunity to promote for future shows.  You never know who may be at your gig (booking agents, club owners), so always have your band promotional tools ready.  For more info on how to get gigs and band press kits on this site.  Good Luck in preparing your gig checklist for your bands next gig or show


Gig Checklist

Gig Venue or Club: ___________________
Show Date: __________________________
Time of Show:________________________
Setup Time (How early should you arrive): ____________
Directions: (Ex: try for directions)__________

Equipment Item Checklist

___    Guitars
___    Backup Guitar
___    Guitar Chords
___    Hex wrenches and guitar tools
___    Mics
___    Mic chords, clips, and stands
___    Drums
___    Drum Key, stands, and bass drum pedal
___    Drum sticks
___    Guitar amp and cabinet chords
___    Bass & Backup Bass
___    Bass amp and cab chords
___    Lyric sheets and music if necessary
___    Keyboards/synth/any other instruments
___    Direct Box or Boxes
___    Effects pedals and racks
___    Tuner
___    Extra Strings or Tools
___    Miscellaneous items

Miscellaneous or Special Items

___    PA Rental or Your PA and Mics
___    Book Sound Tech (if applicable)
___    Book Lighting Tech (if applicable)
___    Transportation of equipment and band
___    Business Cards
___    Demo CD
___    Press Kit
___    Invoice or Contract for club or venue