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Page updated 3/1/2016


Locate gigs online through websites - Many bands try any means necessary to locate paying gigs for their band.  One way to secure band gigs is to join a gig finder website.  There are so many to choose from and many of the websites charge fees for their services.  These services are not only for bands but also may include services for songwriters, promoters, DJ's, entertainers, and booking agencies.  These gig finders offer services such as locating gigs to play, increasing fan base, promoting your music in a number of ways.  Promotion tactics could include social media band promotion or brand promotion with their business partners.  We have not used the specific paid services listed below, but we can offer you some advice on how to choose the gig finder that may work best for your band.

One thing you should realize is that a gig finder is not going to get you all the live shows you want right away or maybe ever.  Members of your band still need to search for gigs independently as well to ensure that you maintain contacts and relationships you may have already created with venues and clubs.  Sure, many clubs use booking agents or entertainment bureaus to book bands for their venues, but many smaller venues can not afford those services. 

If you want to be playing alot of gigs, use a gig finder website as a supplement to your normal do it yourself gig finding tactics.  Self promoting your band can actually work and if done correctly may get you paid the most for your efforts.  We explain many tips on how to get gigs on your own on this page as well.  It's not that we are saying not to use a gig finder, but if you decide to do so, you will most likely still have alot of work to do to find the gig itself.


How Gig Finder Websites Work

Listed below are some items to know before joining a Gig Finder website to locate shows for your band:

  • Most of these websites have you set up a user name and password to use their services. 
  • There are both free gig finders and paid services (See below for gig finder websites)
  • The gig finder website may ask you to pay a fee (ex: a monthly profile fee or a by submission fee).  Most of these websites have a free trial period, so try that before you pay any money to the company.  Also, before you pay any fees to a company, check them out at the Better Business Bureau and make sure they do not have many complaints.  If they do have complaints, use your best judgment before paying for their services.  During the free trial period, decide if the gig information provided is useful and could eventually get your band some paid gigs. 
  • Your band or act will have to either fill out or upload a band profile.  This information will be shared through their sites with venues and promoters who may need bands, talent, or DJ's.  It's a good idea to accurately depict your genre or style of music as venues and promoters are typically looking for a certain genre or sound.  List similar sounding popular bands as reference in your profile.  Many promoters look for bands that sound like another popular band.  You would be surprised how often this happens.
  • If you band is fairly established you could probably pull most of your band profile information from your band website or band Facebook page
  • Caution:  If you are a regional band from a smaller city, paid gig finder websites may not be right for you at this point in your career.  If you are not a traveling band and stick to one city, start out with our how to get gigs page.  In our opinion paid gig finders for bands in smaller cities are not a cost effective option for local bands who don't travel out of their area.  Many times you know your city music scene better than someone running a website who may not even live in your area.  Try a free trial if you are still curious, and make sure the site is right for your band needs.  If you can secure some gigs or prospects with the free trail, then maybe it is worth pursing.

Benefits of Using a Gig Finder Website to Find Shows

  • A good gig finder website may be able to get your band to the right venues or promoters more quickly than you could on your own.  That's not to say that your band can't do this on your own, but if the gig finder has the right contacts listed they can get your music in the venue hands more quickly. 
  • Many venues may sign up to use their services as well to locate bands.  Potential venues and booking agents could find your band from your profile that you would have set up in the initial sign up process
  • Gig Finders may be able to promote your music through their services as well
  • Opportunities could arise from gig finder partners.  Perhaps a partner company uses gig finder to find music for their corporate events. 
  • Many paid sites offer free trials to try their services
  • You may be able to submit music to songwriting contests and through other avenues as well.

Cons of Using Gig Finders

  • Fees are paid for some of their services (Either monthly or by submission depending on the site)
  • Typically there are no guarantees that you will find gigs
  • Smaller bands who travel infrequently may not benefit from paid services
  • Make sure your music sounds professional, if not that could hurt your chances of finding gigs

Gig Finder Websites (Paid and Unpaid)

Keep in mind that some gig finder sites have you pay a fee for their services.  Try a free trial before ordering from paid gig finders. 

  • - A place to post and find gigs for musicians, bands, djs and entertainers
  • Reverb Nation Gig Finder - Over 100,000 listings, Gig Finder connects you to the best venues in any town. Customized results based on your band's previous gigs and artists who are similar to you.
  • Sonic Bids - Locate Gigs, Over 100,000 gigs booked last year. 
  • Gig Masters - Gig Masters is the #1 event entertainment booking service. They guide party planners to entertainer vendors and help members get gigs.
  • BandWagon - UK based gig finder
  • - Search for band gigs on twitter
  • Explore Talent- Make sure to click music in the drop down box to get music related listings.  If you then click band you can get band specific listings to show up. 
  • Booking - Booking agent for big name bands, entertainers, and comedians
  • JamBase - This site is not truly a gig finder, but lists many shows and venues for you to consider as a band looking for gigs.
  • Live Music Finder for the UK - Live entertainment from unsigned bands and artists across the UK