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Band FanBase | How To Build A Fan Base

Page updated 3/1/2016


How to build a fand base for a band? There are many keys to getting fans to show up for your current gigs and future ones as well. Learn how to Increase a fan base.  Also learn how to earn a fan base of loyal fans who will return to gigs that your band performs in a local area or venue.

How To Get Fans To Your Gigs?  There are many ways to get fans to your shows, tours, or gigs.  Getting fans to your band gigs including social media gig promotion

  • Post a message to your Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace friends on your personal accounts
  • Post the next show or gig on your Facebook Band Page and other Social Media sites
  • Post a show update on the Facebook page of the venue that you are performing
  • Start a registration page on your official band website and send out email updates to anyone that registers on your site.  Ask those that register to give their email address so that you can email them updates.
  • At live shows
    • Plug your next show on stage,
    • Hand out business cards when you have breaks,
    • Hand out flyers with tour dates
    • Ask fans to like your Facebook band page or to follow your twitter page
    • Ask the venue if you can hang flyers at the venue 2 to 4 weeks before the gig
    • Sell CD's or EP's at your gigs
    • Band Merchandise - Make sure your band's name is located on all band merchandise

Word Of Mouth - It's a great idea to have your friends and family network for the band. Word of mouth band promotion is great to get friends and fans in the seats of upcoming gigs.  So,  if people talk your band up it may generate a fanbase.

Band Website – Many bands have their own domain name for their band website.  Search for open domain names through this link to Ipower. Host your Web site with IPOWER! Ipower also has tools to develop a website as well. 


Social Media For Bands And Music Promotion to Gain a Valuable Fan Base

Gain a fan base through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and learn how to get fans to your shows and future gigs.

Social Media websites work great as music and social media gig promotion tools. If you are a band on a budget, try these Social Media websites for bands.  Many offer free band pages.  Below is a list of Social media websites for bands.  Many are free, but please research them to see which ones work best for your band.  Many of these sites offer the ability to upload your songs for free.  Visitors to you page can actually listen to your music, learn about the band, and possibly buy your music if it’s available for sale.  Many of these sites offer add ons where you can create band pages, link your music, link your videos, and show live videos of performances.

The social media websites for bands listed below can offer cost effective ways to promote your music.  Post show dates on your Facebook page, link to you band website on your social media pages, add your music to a band page, and promote upcoming show dates.  Use social media as a music promotion tool and get fans to your gigs.  You can also use Facebook and twitter to find local venues to contact for booking shows.  Locate local venue pages and see if they give booking information for bands.   Sometimes these venues will post updates for when bands are needed as well.  Perhaps a band has cancelled and the venue needs a quick substitute.  It is always good to be prepared for a gig that has been forfeited by another band.