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Band Resources, Songwriter Resources, and Music Industry Resources - Resources including the government copyright website, band promotion sites, publishing companies, record company web sites, and more.  We have included Lists of Record Companies, Music Publishers, Music Promotion Sites, Record Producers, and Music Organizations. Please visit the company sites and either call or e-mail the company to find out the companies needs. 

Great resources for submitting your music to record companies are the Songwriters Market Books.  These books are a must have for bands with professionally recorded original music looking to get to the next stage of their career.  Another great resource for music contracts, band issues, and legal issues are the Music Law: Run Your Band's Business (Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business) books. 

Please be aware that some record companies are more open to demo submissions than others.  Also, we can not guarantee any success in using the following websites for soliciting your music and do not endorse the sites. We hope that some of the information will eventually help you grow your indie music career.  Some music solicitation or A&R sites do charge a fee, so be aware.  It's a good rule of thumb to avoid paying fees to submit your music.  If the record company was really interested, they would work with your band without you having to pay up front fees.

Band And Songwriter Resources

How To Copyright Music, Record Company Listings, Performance Rights Organizations (PRO), Music Publishers, and Songwriting Resources

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Band Resources & Songwriter Resources:

  • Music Licensing - How to license your band's music
  • How to sell music online through digital distribution
  • How to promote a band - Social media band promotion tools
  • Music Yellow Pages - Yellow page lists of just about anything related to music, songwriting, and the music industry
  • Better Business Bureau - BBB - Check out a record company before you sign any contracts.
  • Songwriters Resource Network - ~ News & Information for songwriters free songwriter billboards ~ Songwriting and music industry contacts  ~ sponsors of the Great American Song Contest!
  • Master Writer - Songwriter software - Serious tools for songwriters as easy to use as your word processor.
  • National Endowment for the Arts - Music Resources - Includes Funding, Service Organizations, and Online Resources.
  •  Performing Arts Reading Room - Online Internet Music Resources List - Library of Congress - Find film music sites, music organizations, music industry sites, sheet music sites, for the songwriter, indie music band and more,
  • Artistopia - The Ultimate Music and Artist Resource Artistopia is the first company that delivers a clear, potent, and qualified strategy for indie music artists and music industry professionals to come together under one roof and speak one language - potential success!
  • Gigasonic Musical Instruments Store - Pro Audio Recording Equipment, Musical Instruments online store supplies recording equipment, music audio interfaces for computer audio recording.
  • Jam Base - Indie music act info and show dates
  • Addicted-to-Songwriting - Complete info on songwriting: Articles, Interviews, Tips & More.
  • Get Signed - Indie music resources and songwriting products
  • Pro Tour Online - The Professional Online Booking System
  • Partners in Rhyme - Your audio resource for Multimedia Projects.  Royalty free music, sound effects, production music library, audio software, and sound advice.
  • E-Studio-Drummer - 25 Yr. Pro offering interactive environment to provide you with full customized drum, percussion, and integrated loop performances for your home studio recordings and professional production houses.
  • My Record Label - My Record Label is Your Record Label! A free music distribution site where fans buy music and merchandise directly from the artist!
  • MyMusicSite - is an online music community helping independent artists sell and promote their music via downloads and ringtones
  • Musicemissions - includes reviewers and critics from all every corner of the world. Houses a music community of more than 5000 users who are indie music fans.

Record Company Website Listings:

Performance Rights Organizations (PRO): 

A Performance Rights Organization basically collects license fees for musicians who are members.  They would pay royalties when a songwriter's material is performed publicly.  Songwriters and composers would join a PRO if their copyrighted material is performed publicly (Live Performance, TV, radio, commercials, websites etc.).  Click on the 3 major PRO's below to find out more information on music licensing and royalties in general.  You can only join one Performance Rights Organization (PRO).  Research all three below and find the one the best fits your band.  Click here If you need more information on how Music Licensing works in general. 

Music Organizations

Any of the resources above should be of great significance to the indie music artist, garage band, or songwriter.  We do not endorse all of the sites, but are simply giving you some different resources to check out on your own.