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Social Media Band Promotion | Band Promotion on Social Media


Our band social media promotion tips will let you learn how to promote a band, act, or solo artist through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

How To Promote A Band Using Social Media - Facebook and Twitter

  • Facebook Band Promotion - Create a Facebook Band Page - Create a page on Facebook and tailor it to your band.  Every time you post band gigs and show dates, your followers (those that have liked your band page) will automatically see the gig updates.  Post a link to the band page on your personal Facebook page and invite all of your friends to like your band page as well.  The more followers (people who have liked your band page) you have the better the opportunity to grow a fan base and get fans in the seats at the next show.  The fans that have liked your page may also share the band page with their friends creating more opportunities for free show promotion.  See the benefits of a Facebook Band Page below:
    • Link fans that have visited your band website to your Facebook band page
    • Fans that have liked your band page will automatically see all updates that you post
    • Built in posting list for each promotion opportunity
    • Fans may post show info on their personal pages to get their friends to your show as well



  • Social Media Band Promotion - Build a MySpace Music page or Create a Facebook Like Page.  We are assuming you already have a personal Facebook account.  You would need a personal account before you create a page for a band or act on Facebook.  MySpace and Facebook are paid for by advertising, so this allows bands to put their music on these social media band sites for free.  There is also an easy way to add your copy written songs.  Add gig dates, friends, band biography, and links to sell your CD / music.  These social media sites are great free promotion resources.  As you attain friends on MySpace music or Facebook, post updates to your friend list as you get shows or have CD releases.  Post show dates on your Facebook profile as well for added gig promotion.  Post updates on sales for band merchandise as well.
    • Create a Facebook Page
    • Create a Twitter account
    • Create a MySpace Music Page
    • Woobox - Engage more fans with promotional apps
    • Hootsuite - Schedule tweets and posts to many of your band social media pages at certain times that you choose.  Hootsuite will post the info to all of your social media band pages at the times and dates you specify.  Saves your band time by being able to schedule postings of tour dates and band updates. 
    • Pinterest / Instagram - These platforms may give your band an advantage over the competition, especially if you post alot of band pictures and videos.
    • Post photos of gigs on your Facebook band page and allow fans to tag themselves - When a fan tags themself in the posted gig picture, it posts to their feed and gives your band more exposure to a wider audience. Take alot of pictures with your fans at the show to allow for this type of exposure.


  • Use Social Media To Find Gigs - Use social media outlets to your advantage when promoting shows, CD releases, tours, and offering band merchandise.  This will create interest in upcoming events.  It is a good idea to friend other popular bands or like their band pages as well.  Some other local bands may have opportunities for your band to be an opening act.  It can't hurt to ask some other local bands for the opportunity.  As other bands post updates, learn from these postings as you may have similar opportunities for music promotion.  Try searching for local venues, bars, or concert venues and 'Like' their business pages on Facebook.  Sometimes these local music venues will post that they are in need of bands on their Facebook business pages.  Once they post that announcement you will know because you have already liked their Facebook page and this update will automatically post on your personal page.  Twitter is another great option for posting show dates and band promotion.  Link your Facebook page updates to post to twitter automatically as well. 


  • Like and follow booking agencies and promoters - It is a great idea to start networking with promoters and booking agencies over social media as well.  If you start to like and follow booking agencies, you will start to see where they typically book gigs for bands.  If they seem like a good company to collaborate with, start to network through social media with these entertainment bureau's.  Find out how to get you band to apply to get on their booking list by visiting their website.  If you're interested in booking agencies, just be aware that they take a fee or percentage of the money that you would get for playing the gig that they book.


  • Like and follow competitor bands - Always check out the competition and see what they are posting on social media.  This may give you ideas of where to play gigs, what to post, and how they are doing gig wise in the area.  They may need an opener at some point as well, so you could network with the other bands to get gigs. 


  • How your Band Website can create interest in social media pages - It is still important to have a band website.  Invite your website visitors to like your Facebook band page or follow your twitter page.  Add an icon to your website,  similar to what you see at the very top of this webpage.  When fans follow you on twitter or like your band page on Facebook, it's like having a built in mailing list or registration.  The fan has liked your page and you can now post shows and it will update on their personal Facebook page every time you post.


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