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Band Manager Duties | Band Management Duties


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Band Managers, Music Managers, Or Talent Managers

Band Management Roles Including: Band Booking, Act Promoting, And Tour Management. The role of the Band Manager can vary depending on the band he or she is managing.  For example, if a band is just starting out, the band manager may take on the role of a number of jobs including booker, promoter, and more.  It just depends on the band.  Artist Managers have a variety of music and management duties that entail to following roles. 

Role of Band Managers for New Bands:

  • A Family member or friend may take interest and manage a band
  • Books gigs for the band, show booking
  • Assembles band press kit to send to clubs to acquire shows and gigs
  • Band Promotion including flyers, CD promotion, contacting newspapers, and gig promotion
  • May help with Demo recording or CD launches

Role of Band Managers of More Established Bands:

More band managers may need to be involved including:
  • Band Managers - Getting the band business together including demo solicitation, press kit submission, and many other duties could be involved depending on the band.
  • Booking Agents - Gets your band the show date or gig.  Agents typically take a percentage of gross earnings.
  • Tour Promoters - Similar to a show booking agent where they get shows for a band, but tour promoters may also price shows and are responsible for band transportation and or backstage food etc.

Band Manager Compensation

Band Managers, Booking Agents, and Tour Promoters compensation will depend on the band or organization that they manage. Typically they make between 10% to 20% of the service that they provide.  For example, if a booking agent books your band at a club, he or she should get between 10% to 20% of the amount your band made at the gig.  Of course, any fee should be negotiated ahead of time between the band and manager. 


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