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Band Expenses for Gigs and Music Equipment - Many bands do not realize how expensive it can be just to get started.  Unless you are a singer, you are going to need a quality instrument that can hold up for long stage shows and gigs.  A typical rock band may have a guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.  Sure you can go to a guitar shop and pickup a starter guitar, but most times these cheaper guitars won’t stay in tune.  Starter instruments may not be a proper quality for long stage shows. 

It looks unprofessional to tune a guitar in the middle of a gig or song.  Many guitarists bring back up guitars and amplifiers to shows as well.  This is helpful if you break a string or blow a tube in your amplifier.  So that’s at least two guitars and two amps for one guitarist.  Take into account the bass player needs a bass and amp and so on. Below is a list of music equipment and other expenses that can occur for a typical gig or show: (This example assumes a rock band with guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc.)

This list is not meant to scare you away from starting a band and playing gigs, we just wanted to make you aware that the costs of equipment, music gear, and merchandise can get expensive.  Music equipment is considered a specialty item and typically quality musical instruments are expensive.  Most start up bands already have the basic equipment since they have been playing in their garage or basement for a while.  It’s just important to realize that there are hidden costs that you may not realize.  Sound Technicians who run sound at gigs typically charge a good amount of money.  I’ve played gigs where the sound tech got more money than the actual musicians.  If you have someone in house (friend or fellow musician) that is knowledgeable, perhaps they could help you out and run sound for a while.


Band Profits And Gig Payments

Ideas for What to do with Money Paid From Gigs

  • Decide ahead of time how you want to split the profits.  Do you and your band mates want to split the profits equally or should the songwriter get a larger cut.  It’s all up to you
  • Invest in more instruments & equipment for your band
  • Save up the funds to eventually record your band cd
  • Does your band need merchandise to sell at gigs
  • CD Duplication (Get your band CD’s ready to sell)
  • Get your music online for sale and digital distribution
  • Save, Save, Save (You never know when you’ll need an expensive piece of music equipment)

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