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Band Name Suggestions | How To Choose A Band Name | Band Name Ideas

There are a number of ways to choose a band name, but my best advice is to choose a name that has a domain name available for a website.  Use this link to Host your Web site with IPOWER! or find domain names.  Although there are a number of Social Media Websites out there that offer free website pages for bands, many professional bands still like to have an official website. 

Many bands will also choose names for bands based on the genre or type of music they play.  For example, you would not mistake the name Soundgarden or Alice in Chains for a country band. They are obviously Grunge or the Hard Rock genre.  It is best to make sure the name fits the type of music you band plays at gigs.  Maybe you have a place where you grew up that is relevant to all the band members. 

It is a good idea to check with The Worldwide Band Name Registry to make sure the name is not being used by another band as well.  Research trademarking a band name if you’re a dedicated to making it work with your band as well.  If you are still unsure of a band name for your new band try these tips.

Have you tried a band name generator.  These types of websites create random names based on keywords that you would provide.  Perhaps try describing your genre or style of music in your keywords that may describe your band.  Try using random words based on where you live, what you intend to do in the furure with your band, or just random thoughts.  If you are concerned about another band using the same name, check out their faq section about this topic.  We do not endorse this site, but it may give you some cool random ideas for a band name.

Band Name Ideas - How To Choose A Band Name

  • The name or last name of the Singer or Guitarist (Ex: Van Halen, Daughtry)
  • Misspellings (Ex: Korn, Megadeth, & Phish)
  • Initials of the band members
  • Acronyms (Ex: STP)
  • Make new words from an acronym (Ex: Stone Temple Pilots)
  • Letters or numbers that are words (Ex: U2, OU812 – Van Halen Album)
  • Word mix ups
  • Pick a word from a book, dictionary, or bible (Ex: Creed)
  • Nicknames or comments from fans or friends
  • Area or place where your band mates are from (Ex: America)
  • Put 2 or 3 words together (Ex: Nickelback, Soundgarden)
  • Random band name generators

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