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Get Your Band Out of the Garage and Into a Gig - Part 3

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Band Website Promotion can be a valuable tool for your band or act. If your band is serious about playing gigs and shows and does not have a website, it may be time to get one started.  Many local internet providers offer free web space with some of their email packages.  Many people have free web space under their email plan and don’t even know about it. Also, if your web savvy, try building a website with Microsoft Front Page (Discontinued, but Microsoft now supports Expression Web) or Dreamweaver. 

Also try out some cool services like Weebly website creation.  Weebly offers drag and drop online technology to build a website fairly easily.  They have free and paid plans available. Wordpress is also another service where you can use there free templates and web creation services.  Do your research and find a service that works best for your band budget.  They are fairly simple to use and the website design themes are great for start up and established bands alike. Some DIY web templates are available from I3d Themes (see links below).  If you are website savvy these templates are professional looking and have great video instructions.  I3D has great customer service for any questions on their templates.  We use I3D for all of our websites including this one.  You may have to purchase server space from a provider to build a website. Shop around for a good price on the internet. 

Web Templates for FrontPage 2003, Expression Web, and Dreamweaver

Host your Web site with IPOWER! They have great rates and website creation tools built into the price of your server.  Once you have your website, add your URL web address to local band website listings. Do an internet search in your city for keywords like bands, band websites, band listings, or any specific keywords to your band. Email the site and have your URL web address added. Email any concert calendars or events calendars in your area to have you show dates added. You would be surprised at what you’ll find in your area.


Sometimes band members are musicians and nothing more. If that is the case in your band, try looking for a band manager. Many times someone you know, like a parent or friend, may take an interest in your project. See if they would be interested in booking your band. A lot of time a parent or someone close to the band will help out for free. If you are not so lucky, try looking for a manager who has contacts in the music industry. Make sure this person knows the direction of your band and does not get to meddlesome or cause problems in your music project. Try these steps before approaching someone who expects a percentage of your band profits.

Band Booking agents can be another valuable resource to get your band some gigs. Most booking agents charge a fee for their service, so be aware of that. Fees can range from 10% or more.  Do some research on the internet or local yellow pages to find booking agents in your area. Look up Entertainment Bureaus in the phone book or on super pages online. Also, you may want to check the Better Business Bureau website to make sure the booking company is reputable. Sometimes it can be difficult to get more popular booking agents to deal with new talent, so shop around and see if they will deal with your band.

Sound Techs, Sound Guys, and Sound Board Techs - As your act becomes more established you may need the services of a sound technician. Many venues have their own PA or sound systems and may charge for the use of this service. Find this information out ahead of time. Other times you will have to bring your own sound system or hire someone to bring their equipment and run sound for your band.  Hiring sound technicians can be expensive. So, if there is a way to run sound in house it may be a good idea to try that first. Remember, a good sound guy can mean the difference between a good and bad gig or performance. Your band could play a great show, but if the audience is hearing feedback through the performance, the show could be very difficult for the audience to stay or enjoy. Please make sure to do a good quality sound check before every performance.

Once your band gets out and plays live gigs, all the work involved will be worth it. The band will see where it stands rather quickly and the members can adjust as time goes along. It’s not always easy to get out of the starting blocks in the music business, but with hard work and persistence your band can get out of the garage and into a gig.

For more information on how to get gigs, press kit tips, demo tips, band resources, and website promotion visit our site often. This site is a valuable resource for start up and established bands everywhere.