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How To Add Album Cover Art To An IPod | Add ITunes Album Art


How To Add CD Artwork to IPods - Instructions On Adding CD Album Art to Your IPod - Is Your Album Artwork Missing from your IPod ITunes Cover Flow.  When you first set up your Apple ITunes to convert songs from your computer it will automatically convert many of your songs and add their specific album covers.  But, Apple ITunes will not add all of your cover art and you may need to add some album covers manually.  Basically, this process takes a little time, but you can add whatever pictures you want to your cover flow.  This allows you to personalize the cover flow feature of your Apple IPod 80G, 160gb, and whatever other models have the cover flow function.  I had a hard time figuring out how to do this, so I decided to put up this page to help.  Hope this at least helps you get your CD Artwork to your IPod and or ITunes.

Follow these Step by Step Instructions on how to add cover art to your IPod (This process is used for Apple ITunes Version 7.6, but may work in other versions):

  • Join The Apple ITunes Store - You will need to put your credit card info in to join, but you can get the Album Artwork for Free once you join.  Once you join the Apple ITunes Store you can go into your music library and add artwork to your music.  To add CD artwork to all your music select all your songs in List View then right click and choose Get Album Artwork. To add artwork for single albums go to Album View & Right Click on the first song and choose Get Album Artwork.  This will not get you every piece of CD Artwork you need as the ITunes Store does not carry every single album that's in your collection.  You will need to read below to find out how to add artwork manually to the rest of your music collection. artwork. 
  • Manually Add CD Cover Artwork - Go To Album View - Once you have entered ITunes make sure your are in your Music Library.  The first way to add album art to your ITunes cover flow feature is to go into the Album View in the View menu at the top of ITunes.  The other way to get to Album View is look towards the top right of the iTunes page and look for 3 buttons above the word view.  You will want to pick the middle button.  The best way to know your in Album view is when the CD Cover is showing on the left and the songs in the album are listed to the right of the CD album picture.
  • Click on the All the Songs of an Album you would like to add Album Cover Art - to highlight all songs within an album click the 1st song, hold shift, and then click the last song in the album.  All songs in the album should now be highlighted in blue.  Also, you will now notice where it said Now Playing at the bottom left of the screen, it will now say Selected Item.  Underneath Selected Album it will say Drag Album Artwork Here.  This is where you can paste your album artwork. 
  • Go to a Site that you can find Album Artwork and Pictures - Try going to Amazon or Google Image Search and search for your specific band and or album artwork.  You can right click and copy on any of the images you find.  The great thing about adding artwork manually is you can pretty much choose any picture you would like to add to each CD.  Helps to personalize your ITunes music collection for your IPod.
  • Copy Image to ITunes - Go to the bottom left of ITunes and underneath Selected Item right click and paste your image in the box that says Drag Album Artwork Here (This shows in a box with dotted lines).  Once you paste the Image it will show next to the songs or CD you chose to add artwork.
  • Another Way to Add Album Artwork - Right Click on the first song or all songs of the CD / Album that you would like to add artwork.  Pick GET INFO.  Click on the Artwork Tab.  Go and find your image and copy it to this artwork tab.  Once you click ok, the artwork will add to the cover flow.  Just a couple notes.  You can also add Lyrics, Album Info (In the Info Tab), and more.  Also in the info tab you can add Year the CD came out, Album names, Composer Info, and more.

Of course there are other ways and sites to help you add artwork to your Apple IPod cover flow, but this at least will get you moving in the right direction.  Some sites have you export your song list and they will give you the artwork. is one example.   While this is helpful, it doesn't seem to list the covers etc. in any particular order.  So if you have a lot of music to add artwork too, this may not be the fastest way to do it in hindsight.  But, give a try and see for yourself.


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